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Dear Wally WasteNot,

I recently received the Salinas Valley Recycles newsletter and accepted the invitation to enjoy the movie “The Need To Grow” for free. What a compelling story – I will never look at soil the same way again! I was especially impressed with the 8-year-old activist who has achieved so much in her young life. While I would love to make a real difference in my community, I’m terribly shy and could never imagine myself leading a movement. How can people like me help restore our earth?


An Eco-Introvert


Dear Eco-Introvert,

Thank you for watching the film – I hope you’ll join us for our discussion on Monday May 3rd with local leaders in sustainability. (Don’t worry; you are welcome to participate with your camera off!) You can help by inviting those you know to screen the film and join the conversation.

Introverts and extroverts alike can make a lot of noise through social media. Sharing your own stories or those you find inspiring, organizing a letter writing campaign to your legislators, promoting or reviewing businesses and products that produce responsibly, and more, can all be done without ever leaving home.

You can also make a difference right in your own yard by composting your food scraps, and using compost in your landscape and garden. Growing in compost-rich soil can help capture carbon from the atmosphere and put it into the soil. Compost-enriched soil grows healthier plants and retains moisture in the soil.  Keeping food scraps out of the landfill also prevents the creation of methane gas, a powerful greenhouse gas contributing to climate change. Composting combats climate in a 1-2-punch!

Celebrate Compost Awareness Week May 2-8, 2021. The theme this year is “Eat, grow, compost, and repeat!” In honor of Compost Awareness Week, the Salinas Valley Recycles’ Compost Challenge is back for a limited time! If you haven’t done the Compost Challenge yet, you are eligible to earn a free compost bin through May 7, 2021 or while supplies last. It’s easy! Just (1) Watch the compost videos, (2) Take the short quiz (3) Take the pledge to compost and (4) Pick up your FREE compost bin on May 7 or at a special event at Natividad Creek Park on May 8.

On May 8 from 9 .m. to 1 p.m., Salinas Valley Recycles is hosting a Compost Q&A and Beautification Event at Natividad Creek Park, so you can get answers to your composting questions, and lend a hand at cleaning up Natividad Park.  Too shy to join a cleanup event? That’s OK! You can clean up a place you love whenever you feel like it. Grab a bag and some gloves and start on your own street. Every bit of litter we remove from our community is less trash in our open spaces, creeks, rivers and ocean.

And finally, you can make a difference every time you shop. Making choices like buying local at farmers markets, purchasing fresh produce , especially if is not packaged in plastic, and bringing your own bags are important ways to support the green economy.

Wally Waste-Not