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Dear Wally Waste-Not,

Dear Wally Waste-Not,

Are you confused about what Salinas Valley Recycles does? Do you know what to do with all of your waste? Are you curious about sustainability? Wally is here to answer it all. 

Read through Wally’s previous answers and submit your own questions to  Have a question that can’t wait, call 831 775-3000 to speak with one of Wally’s friends to get a quick answer. 


Have you ever wondered, what’s in all those trash bins anyway? You are not alone. Wally answers one reader’s question and has some insights into garbage composition that can help all of us make waste reduction goals.

Too Much Trash!, Es demasiada basura! 



Are you wondering if it’s worth recycling anymore? Others are too. Wally explains all here in the latest Dear Wally article about recycling.

What Goes Where?, ¿Qué va a dónde? 


Residents and commercial customers alike have questions about recent garbage bill cost increases. Wally explains all here.

Fees, Matrícula 


Have you ever replaced carpet in your house and wondered what you can do with your old carpet? Good news, its recyclable! 

Recycling Carpet, Reciclaje de alfombras 


Want to start composting but don’t know where to begin?  Wally helps one resident get started.

Composting for climateAbonando por el clima 


Do you hate seeing trash in our beautiful neighborhoods and scenic roads? You are not alone.  Wally sheds some light on a prevalent problem in our area and how we can help.

Illegal Dumping, Vertedero Illegal