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Welcome Teachers!

teacher stuffAs a Teacher, you have the ability to make a tremendous impact on waste reduction in the Salinas Valley. You can contribute to your community’s efforts to reduce waste by educating your students about the 5R’s (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Refuse, & Rot (compost)) and by modeling these practices in your classroom.

On this website, you can find information about bringing the highly interactive and informative school assembly program, Recycling Wizard to your school. The Kids Corner has lots of fun games and great information for your students.

SVR can provide resources to help you start recycling in your classroom/school or to improve your current program. We provide free waste assessments, resources and trainings to schools that are interested in saving money and modeling environmentally responsible behavior for their students. Contact us today!

Curriculum Resources

US EPA Resources for Teachers

These resources will assist you in teaching your students about the waste we generate in our schools, homes, and communities and what we can all do to make a difference! From classroom activities, to starting a school electronics recycling program, these materials will help you and your students learn what we can do to reduce and better manage waste in the world around us. Many of these resources are provided in both English and Spanish.

California Education and the Environment Initiative

The Education and the Environment Initiative (EEI) is a free, state-sponsored K-12 curriculum that teaches science and history-social science standards through an environmental lens.

Closing the Loop

CalRecycle’s Closing the Loop curriculum is a compilation of 50 lessons for K-6th grades to help students discover and nurture an environmental ethic and stewardship for natural resources. The activities focus on solid waste and environmental awareness topics including landfills, recycling, packaging, resource conservation, waste prevention, worm composting, and more. Each lesson encourages students to explore their natural environment, identify waste management issues, and engage in personal and community action projects.


Provides lessons, activities and programs for K-12 public, charter and independent schools in teaching environmental literacy that are aligned to the new Common Core Content Standards.

The Madison Museum of Contemporary Art

Provides lesson plans for integrating art and science into the classroom. The link above takes you to a fun project that creates birds from found objects.


Provides children and their caregivers creative ways to recycle by making art. Visitors learn dozens of inexpensive ways to create art and crafts as they help save the environment. The lessons and activities include drawing, painting, sculpture, collage, papier-mache, marbling, crafts, and a special section for holiday art and crafts is featured.