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Rock Steady Juggling is a new, innovative and high-quality educational entertainment show brought to you by Salinas Valley Recycles. Each performance is approximately 45-minute in length and is a highly interactive, multimedia assembly that features juggling, magic, music, comedy, games and engages the audience’s participation.

Educators can use the assembly as a powerful illustrative resource to reinforce concepts learned in the classroom. Administrators may use it as an ebullient way to begin or announce a recycling program at their school. Either way, recycling starts with our youth and this inspirational event is a perfect way to motivate students to learn about the 4R’s -reduce, reuse, recycling and rot!

About The Show

The Recycling Wizard is presented by performer/educator Doug Nolan of the Rock Steady Juggling and is for audiences of all ages, but can be specifically geared towards elementary, middle school, or high school students. Doug has been an award-winning Bay Area performer with over 20 years of experience performing in front of thousands of children annually.

The show uses technology, visual, and oral recognition practices to easily get the message out and the scripts are aligned to the Common Core State Standards. Much like call and response, the students are encouraged to participate and answer questions directly related to facts they learned in the show. In the activities, students are asked to correctly identify items that are recyclable, reusable, and learn how to reduce their footprint by recycling food scraps and bringing waste-free lunches to school.

The show itself is built around different activities that cover environmental concepts like reducing waste, buying products made from recycled material, how to recycle at school and home, and how to protect our natural resources.

School Assembly Details

  • No Cost to schools
  • Each school is entitled to two (2) shows
  • Performance is approximately 45 minutes in length

Easy Ways to Book an Assembly:

Recycling Wizard Live Stream Request Form 2020-2021

  1. Complete form and submit to email: or fax: (650) 266-8286.
  2. Visit