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In Person Tours Available

Tours of the landfill and transfer stations/recycling centers are available for free to all schools, community groups, and the public in the Salinas Valley area.

Tours last approximately 1 hour and offer participants an opportunity to visit the recycling centers, understand how garbage is buried at the landfill, learn how yard waste is processed and what it turns into, what happens to construction and demolition materials, see the landfill gas to energy facility (landfill tour only), and visit the ABOP collection stations or the hazardous waste collection facility.

Tour Locations

  1. Johnson Canyon Landfill (JCL) located at 31400 Johnson Canyon Road in Gonzales.
    1.  serves the Cities of Salinas, Gonzales, Soledad, Greenfield, King City and the unincorporated Monterey County’s franchised haulers and residents and business that self-haul garbage, recyclables, yard waste, wood waste, etc.
  2. Sun Street Transfer Station (SSTS) and Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Facility located at 139 Sun Street in Salinas
    1. serves the City of Salinas’s franchised hauler and Salinas Valley residents and business that self-haul garbage, recyclables, yard waste, wood waste, etc. The HHW facility provides free disposal of chemicals and toxic materials for Salinas Valley Residents and a low cost disposal option for businesses.
  3. Jolon Road Transfer Station (JRTS) located at 52654 Jolon Road in King City
    1. serves King City’s franchised hauler and residents and businesses from surrounding areas that self-haul garbage, recyclables, yard waste, wood waste, etc.

Tours include:

  • SSTS includes a 20 minute recycling presentation/activity and 40 minute walking-tour to our Recycling Center, Yard Waste and Compost, Construction & Demolition, and Garbage areas including the HHW Facility.
  • JCL includes a driving tour of the Recycling Center, ABOP Collection Station, Construction & Demolition, Yard Waste and Compost areas, working-face of the active Landfill, and Landfill Gas to Energy facility.
  • JLR includes a walking-tour to the Recycling Center, Yard Waste, ABOP Collection Station, and Garbage areas.


For safety reasons SVR staff members can accommodate a maximum of 30 students per group. Teachers and chaperons must be present during the entire tour.

Safety vests and hard hats will be provided for all guests. Closed toed shoes are required for all participants. Please note that the landfill and transfer stations can be “stinky” and very windy so be prepared for both and dress accordingly.

Face masks are required and COVID protocols are required regardless of vaccination status. 

Schedule a Tour

All tours are free and available on a first-come-first-serve basis. Tours are available Mon-Fri, 8am-3pm and Sat by request only. Transportation is not provided, please coordinate or plan your transportation needs independently. To schedule a tour, complete the Tour Application and return via email to

Virtual Tours

Landfill Tours

Kids Tour

Tour with our General Manager, Patrick Mathews

Don’t have time to watch the full tour? Check out these clips to get a quick overview of the different areas of the Johnson Canyon Landfill. 

Need a quick lesson plan to go along with the virtual tour?

Use these questions as a classroom discussion or a group or individual assignment.

Sun Street Transfer Station Tour