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Free Assistance

SVR offers free assistance to schools in the Salinas Valley to implement comprehensive classroom and campus-wide recycling programs as well as bilingual educational materials & resources, presentations, and training for staff, faculty and custodians.

Check out the Monterey County Education Resource Guide for schools and teachers to learn more about what we offer. 

Recycling Programs

SVR can provide resources to help start classroom recycling or improve the school’s existing program. We provide free waste assessments and customized, detailed reports with recommendations for implementing  or improving recycling at your school. We work with the garbage and recycling hauler, administration, teachers, and custodial staff to ensure long-term sustainability of the program.

In order for recycling programs to be effective, recycling bins must be paired with trash cans. Recycling Stations are provided for each classroom, work area, office, teacher lounge, copy room, kitchen, cafeteria, gym, etc.  Recycling Stations consist of a recycling bin, trash can and customized poster. For more information, download a free How School Recycling Works flyer or Contact us today to schedule a free assessment! 

Recycling StationSchool Awards

SVR’s Wally Waste Not Award program incentivizes schools in the Salinas Valley that go above-and-beyond recycling with cash rewards. Learn more award applications.

Assembly Program

As part of the schools recycling program, SVR also offers free school assemblies. Learn more about school assemblies.


Want your class to visit the landfill or transfer station?  Free tours are available at any of SVR’s facilities!