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SVR puts its values to work – Innovation, Integrity, Public Education, Efficiency, Fiscal Prudence, Resourcefulness, Customer Service, and Community Partnerships.  It continues to promote internal savings through staff initiatives, ideas, and projects.  A wide variety of creative ideas from staff, from simple contract changes to taking non-traditional approaches to major capital projects. Leveraging partnerships with private businesses also provides for cost savings, risk reduction, and a stronger sense of community.  Much of our focus is to bring project ideas and partnerships forward that will benefit our customers, and create economic benefits for the region through new local jobs, economic stimulus, and demand for support services.

Staff exhibits great environmental stewardship and commitment to reducing waste at all levels in our community. The results are positive as we see our regional diversion levels continue to rise, more citizens use our facilities than ever before as our outreach and marketing efforts expand, and operating costs remain balanced with delivery of quality public service at one of the lowest per capita rates in the greater Monterey Bay area.

Some of our current projects include:

Steam Autoclave Clean Fiber and Organics Recovery System

Long-Term Facility Needs Project

Utilizing Closed Landfills to Generate Revenue

SVR take-over of the Johnson Canyon Landfill operation in 2015

Closure of Crazy Horse Landfill with Artificial Turf