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Forty Percent of All Food in America is Wasted.

Take the Challenge to waste less and Enjoy More!

The efforts to reduce food waste are long standing
– message still resonates today:

USDA Historic Poster from World War 1.

USDA Historic Poster from World War 1.

The top levels of the hierarchy are the best ways to prevent and divert wasted food
because they create the most benefits for the environment, society and the economy.

Food Loss and Waste from the Commission for Environmental Cooperation

Cover image of Food Loss and Waste Report

Learn more about what causes food loss and waste and how to be part of the solution. 

1 in 4 people in Monterey County are hungry.

Empower A Hunger-Ending Network

Monterey County Foodbank
353 W Rossi St. Salinas, CA 93907
(831) 758-1523

Photo of Food Truck
NRDC Best if Used Image


Food is being wasted at an alarming rate.
And we – consumers – are the largest source. More than grocery stores and restaurants combined.

But there’s good news:

we can do something about it. Avocado storage tips
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Store Smart! Save More!

StillTasty’s searchable database reveals shelf life information for virtually every food and beverage found in the average kitchen. How to store food questions