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Organics Program – De-packaging Services

41% of the waste landfilled could have been composted.  We are working hard to change that!

Salinas Valley Recycles De-packager services can help your business comply with AB 1826 and SB 1383 by diverting your package material with our new Turbo Separator. The Turbo Separator is rated to process up to 10 tons per hour (or 80 tons per day) and produces a 99% clean stream of organic material that can be incorporated into the food waste composting operation.

The De-packager separates organic from non-organic materials, including packaging materials such as bagged produce, clam shells, master packs, canned food, etc. It’s ideal for turning food processing, supermarket and restaurant waste streams—and any other food items suitable for recycling—into profitable, value-added product.


How does it work?

  1. Businesses separate all organic packaged materials in a different container from trash and recycling.
  2. The de-packager separates all organic materials from its packaging.
  3. The de-packaged organic materials are mixed with ground yard waste and composted.

 Acceptable  De-packager Material

Depackager items

From commercial sources like small- and large-scale food or  agricultural producers and processors:

√ Bagged Produce (fruit or vegetable)*

√ Produce in Clamshells (fruit or vegetable)

√ Master packs (dressings, toppings, etc.)

√ Packaged Food Products ( i.e. expired grocery store waste)

√ Cardboard Boxes of Packaged Produce *

√ Food Cans

Large bags* (>16 gallon containing loose or smaller packaged product)

Heavy Boxes* (>30 lbs)

Pallets of Produce Boxes (rejected loads, expired produce, etc.)

*Extra processing fees* may be applied to loads requiring preparation for de-packaging

Unacceptable De-packager Material

Items damage Depackager

Loads containing these items may have additional charges for labor or the full load may be rejected and sent to landfill:


  •  Plastic strapping 
  • Gloves, hair nets, aprons, face masks, etc.
  • Cardboard rolls  
  • Plastic film, label, and tape rolls
  • Extra large plastic bags  
  • Scrap metal or scrap wood
  • Edge plastic protectors or plastic pallets/crates
  • Trash

Ready to get started?

  • Call Salinas Valley Recycles for a FREE waste assessment at 831 775-3000

  • We will coordinate with you and your hauler for a drop off box to collect packaged food

  • Start separating packaged food onsite and see the benefits for your company and the environment! 

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