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This project and technology has been the center-point of SVR research with the USDA for over 8 years and is designed to reduce our current waste destined for landfilling by 60-70%. This project not only has the potential to dramatically reduce our landfill dependence, but also would create new jobs, reduce greenhouse gases, reduce our dependence on foreign markets for sale of recycled paper fiber, create a new energy source through anaerobic digestion of process waste products, exceed State goals of 75% waste diversion, and assist in stimulating increased demand for local services and supplies. This project would have the added benefit of improving the “green” image of the Salinas Valley and helping attract new business to support our regional revitalization efforts.

SVR is currently working Global Organics Energy on the permitting of a commercially sized demonstration unit at the Johnson Canyon Landfill.

Appropriate environmental review processes would be followed, including public scoping meetings, should the Authority Board at one point decide to pursue the project.