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Free Tire Recycling Event

Salinas Valley Recycles is hosting FREE tire recycling events at all three facilities:

April 1 – May 31, 2021!

  Tire Recycling Event FlyerSpanish Tire Recycling Event Flyer

  • Car and small truck tires are accepted (rims okay)
  • Limit 9 tires per trip.
  • Residents Only, No Businesses.

Why is Recycling Tires SO Important?     

    • California has millions of illegally dumped or stockpiled waste tires.
    • Abandoned tire piles pose a fire hazard.
    • Abandoned tires can kill vegetation, which leads to erosion.
  • Abandoned and stockpiled tires harbor standing water to provide a breeding ground for mosquitoes, transmitters of the West Nile Virus (WNV) and other serious diseases. WNV is spreading across California and poses a serious health threat, especially to the elderly and children. 
  • Old tires will be recycled into pavement for roads, playgrounds and schoolyards. Other uses for recycled tires include alternative fuel for manufacturing industries, creating soles for shoes and work boots, sidewalks, and more.
  • NO fees for disposal during this special grant-funded community service campaign. Tires are normally included in the Disposal Fees and Rates Schedule.

Check out Wally-Waste-Not response to someone concerned about fire hazards from waste tires. 

For more information visit CalRecycle