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Salinas Valley Recycles cares about sustainability! 

Sustainability can be defined as the long-term maintenance of responsibility, which has environmental, economic and social dimensions, also known in sustainable business practices as the “triple bottom line”. It is the capacity to endure and maintain in all three dimensions. 

Salinas Valley Recycles adopts this spectrum of sustainable values in all our work. To achieve our bold vision of a future without landfills, we must think, act, and plan sustainably as individuals, businesses, and community.   


Putting sustainable practices to work!

Salinas Valley Recycles Cares about:

  • YOUR MONEY. That’s why Salinas Valley Recycles manages your landfill responsibly – by saving funds for infrastructure and equipment, and not taking on debt that will cost you in the long run.
  • HEALTHY SOIL. If food from the farm doesn’t make to the table, we help feed it to the earth through our food and yard waste composting programs.
  • SAFETY. That’s why we offer residents free disposal of hazardous products like batteries, paint, oil, pesticides and electronics. With a full-service Household Hazardous Waste facility in Salinas, and mobile collection serving homebound citizens, we help you prevent pollution to our land, water and air.
  • YOUR FUTURE. Offering free educational programs to teach students of all ages – we help schools, residential communities and businesses to reduce waste, and prolong the life of our landfill. Get the most from our recycling services, like recycling and composting trainings, a mobile app to find What Goes Where, tours and more.
  • HEALTHY ENVIRONMENT. That’s why we work with your Salinas Valley community to coordinate special cleanup events. Annual cleanup events help you dispose of extra waste and recycling. And special litter pickup events at parks and creeks keep them clean and beautiful. To volunteer for a litter pickup, or find the next cleanup event in your town, visit Salinas Valley Recycles dot org.
  • STOPPING ILLEGAL DUMPING. That’s why we are a Certified Mattress Recycling Center, offering you free mattress and box spring disposal. We accept mattresses and box springs for free recycling at all our facilities, and you can rest assured we’ll keep them out of the landfill.
  • GIVING BACK TO OUR COMMUNITY. From partnerships with the Food Bank that feed the hungry, to collecting and donating clothing to the Clothing Closet, we work to keep resources out of the landfill, and into the hands of those in need. We sponsor programs and events to help give back, support the local economy and build civic pride.
  • OUR EMPLOYEES. That’s why we provide sustainable living wages for jobs that support a green economy for the Salinas Valley.

Salinas Valley Recycles cares about your community because it’s our home too.  

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