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Have you ever noticed how much waste there is after an event like at a family picnic or barbecue? Even when entertaining at home, like for kid’s birthday parties, it only takes a little planning and thinking ahead to prepare an event that has all the fun without the trash. Next time you’re hosting an event or headed to the park for a family picnic, try some of the ideas in this slidehow.

For more information on creating your own zero waste event kit visit:

Buy family-size packages instead of individually packaged servings.

It’ll save you money, too!

Bring a bag to keep recyclables like bottles, cans and paper packaging separate from the trash.

When you get home, simply empty the recyclables bag into your recycling cart.

Bring your own bag or basket when you go shopping.

You’ll avoid wasteful plastic bags, and may even get a discount from the store for bringing your own. Durable reusable bags are also less likely to break.

Pack a few reusable plastic containers with lids into the picnic basket.

Leftovers won’t be wasted and make it home without spilling.

Invest in cloth napkins and a set of lightweight durable plastic plates, cups and silverware instead of purchasing disposables.

Reusable tableware is more eco-friendly and looks great!

After the event, store the dirty dishes in a light-weight, large plastic tub for easy and clean transport.