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Yard waste recycled today grows your food tomorrow

Yard waste recycled today grows our food tomorrow.

Keep it clean & green!

Farm to table to compost to farm cycle

Green Waste Label

YES, these materials belong in the Yard Waste Cart:

  • Grass
  • Weeds
  • Leaves
  • Plant or Flower Trimmings
  • Branches
  • Small Pieces of Natural (unpainted/treated) Wood 

These materials are processed at the Johnson Canyon Landfill and are made into compost and landscaping materials for your garden or yard.

These items belong in the Garbage Cart:

  • Trash
  • Plastic Bags (yard waste needs to be emptied directly into your cart)
  • Animal Waste
  • Garden hoses, broken lawn chairs or ceramic or plastic flower pots 

Keeping non-organic materials out of the yard waste cart not only helps us process clean compost, it can also help you avoid contamination fees from your waste hauler.



Contaminated yard waste causes extra processing labor and possible rejection of loads (a rejected load goes to the landfill).  These images are from contaminated loads at Johnson Canyon.

Holiday Tree CollectionChristmas tree

For a limited time after the holidays, usually starting right after Christmas or New Years, holiday trees are collected from the curb for free on your regular scheduled collection day. Look for announcements or contact your hauler directly for exact dates.

  • Trees must be cut into 3 ft. sections
  • Remove all tinsel, lights and decorations
  • Remove plastic, wooden and metal stands
  • Flocked trees are NOT accepted
  • The trees will be chipped and composted, not landfilled.

Holiday trees can also be dropped off for FREE at any of SVR’s Recycling & Disposal Facilities from December 26th through January 31st of every year.

Recycled Landscape Materials for Sale (Vision)

The materials collected in yard waste carts or dumpsters throughout the Salinas Valley are recycled into products for use in your yard and garden.

Vision RecyclingVision Recycling uses and processes yard trimmings, brush, tree cuttings and clean, unpainted, untreated lumber to make high quality compost, soil amendment, topsoil blends, mulches, and wood chips.

Need wood chips or compost for your garden? Vision Recycling locations and details.