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The Wally-Waste-Not Award Program for Schools

Wally Wastenot

Salinas Valley Recycles (SVR) has assisted more than 60 schools in our service area in implementing comprehensive school-wide recycling programs.  These efforts are in response to Salinas Valley Recycles’ goal of 75% waste diversion from landfills, the passage of AB 341 mandating recycling for commercial customers who generate 4 or more cubic yards of garbage per week, and the new mandatory organics recycling law (AB 1826).

Our first Wally-Waste-Not Award Program was launched in January 2015 and since then, SVR has awarded 37 schools with over $50,500 in funding.

Here are some school activities highlights from the 2017 award recipients:

  • Jesse G. Sanchez Elementary, Cesar Chavez Elementary, & John E. Steinbeck Elementary schools use reusable trays during lunch for all the students.
  • Alisal High School conducted recycling survey amount students and revels that 92.8% of students recycle at home. 166 students responded to the survey.
  • La Paz Migrant & Seasonal, Primavera Migrant & Seasonal & La Joya Head Start Centers have switched from disposables to reusable ware for most of the meals.
  • King City Arts Magnet has included a section about the 4R’s on the school website to continue educating students, faculty and families.
  • North Salinas High School sent letters to SUSHSD Board Members and to Board of Trustees to persuade them to change from disposable ware like paper plates & utensils to reusable plates, cups, trays and utensils along with installing a milk dispenser to reduce the milk cartons and milk waste.
  • The Parent Center at Salinas Adult School has implemented a food waste collection program to separate food scraps for their worm composting system.

2018 Wally-Waste-Not Award Application: (Application Closed)

The 2018 Wally-Waste-Not Award Program (WWNAP) will reward 10 schools in the Salinas Valley for improving and implementing diversion programs (reducing, reusing, recycling and composting (rot)). This award supplements the FREE outreach services Salinas Valley Recycles and the local garbage and recycling haulers already provide to all schools in the Salinas Valley.  SVR has received 10 applications, please check back in September 2018.

Application: Wally-Waste-Not Award Application

PowerPoint: Wally-Waste-Not PowerPoint