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The Wally-Waste-Not Award Program for Schools

Salinas Valley Recycles (SVR) has assisted more than 60 schools in our service area in implementing comprehensive school-wide recycling programs.  These efforts are in response to Salinas Valley Recycles’ goal of 75% waste diversion from landfills, the passage of AB 341 mandating recycling for commercial customers who generate 4 or more cubic yards of garbage per week, and the new mandatory organics recycling law (AB 1826).

Our first Wally-Waste-Not Award Program was launched in January 2015 and since then, SVR has awarded 27 schools with over $31,000 in funding.

Wally WastenotHere are some school activity highlights from the 2015-2016 award recipients:

  • Sacred Heart School established a backyard and worm composting systems. During lunch, the Ecology team sets up a Zero Waste Station to separate recyclables, food scraps and trash.
  • Salinas High School established a sustainable recycling program and a recycling lesson PowerPoint was created to educate/introduce the new recycling program to 2,500 students and faculty.
  • Washington Middle School established a school garden, set up a backyard and worm composting systems onsite and provided composting education to all of the science students (around 1,000).
  • The MCOE Alisal Head Start Center and the CAPSLO Salinas Child Development Center both established worm composting systems onsite to continue science education with the preschoolers.
  • MCOE Salinas Child Development Center also established a worm composting system onsite and hosted a recycling event to educate the parents about the importance of reducing, reusing, recycling and rot.
  • Girls Scout Alisal Center established a backyard and worm composting systems, partnered with SVR to host a composting workshop at their site, and they helped set up recycling programs at city parks, and
  • Bolsa Knolls Middle School & Dual Language Academy of Salinas established school-wide recycling programs.

2016/17 Wally-Waste-Not Award Application: (NOW CLOSED)

The new and improved 2016-2017 Wally-Waste-Not Award Program (WWNAP) will reward 13 schools in the Salinas Valley for improving and implementing diversion programs (reducing, reusing, recycling and composting (rot)). This award supplements the services Salinas Valley Recycles and the local garbage and recycling haulers already provide and are available free to all schools in the Salinas Valley.  Applications opened Monday Oct 3, 2016. All applications have been received, please check back for 2017/18, Thank You for your interest.

Application: Wally-Waste-Not Award Application

PowerPoint: Wally-Waste-Not PowerPoint