• Free Tire Recycling Event

    Free Tire Recycling Event

    June 22 - 30, 2018 at all 3 locations!

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Welcome to Salinas Valley Recycles!

Salinas Valley Recycles is a public agency and utility service that owns and operates the only open and active landfill in the Salinas Valley, but we are not the garbage hauler.

SVR provides disposal and recycling drop-off facilities at the following locations throughout the Salinas Valley:

SVR is working on utilizing waste as a resource and eliminating the need for landfills in the Salinas Valley. Please explore this web site to learn how you can help achieve A Future Without Landfills!



2015/2016 Tire-Derived Aggregate Grant Program
Grant Funds Help Reduce Food Waste in the Salinas Valley

Long Term Facility Needs Project Information

SVR Monthly Newsletters: 

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Telephone Survey of the Salinas Valley Solid Waste Authority Service Area Residents, November 2017

Waste Advantage Magazine, Dec 2016 issue: Salinas Valley Solid Waste Authority: A Future Without Landfills

Monterey Bay Community Power Feasibility Study Validates Creation of Local, Clean-Source Power Agency