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Recycling Resources

It’s easy! You don’t have to leave home to recycle plastics, metal, glass, paper, cardboard and a range of other common materials. All single-family homes and many apartment buildings in the Salinas Valley are set up for weekly collection of these recyclables. Single-family homes can even recycle used motor oil and filters at the curb! Learn more about Recycling at Home or weekly Collection Services.

You can also redeem your recyclables for cash at one of over 20 buy-back centers throughout Monterey County. These centers purchase materials by weight, or pay per container if it is marked “CRV” (California Redemption Value).

Tires, mattresses, batteries, toner cartridges… these materials and many more are not collected through your curbside or apartment recycling program, but they can still be recycled or even reused! A list of items and locations that accept them.

All the materials we recycle are made back into new goods, but the “recycling loop” is only closed if we also purchase these products with recycled content. Read tips on how to Buy Recycled.