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Electronic WasteElectronic waste (i.e. E-waste) includes computers and monitors, laptops, computer equipment, televisions, flat screens, printers, DVD players, VCRs, cell phones, and telephones.

Although these products are safe while in use, they are considered hazardous waste when discarded due to their content of heavy metals, predominantly lead and mercury, and other toxic chemicals. It has been illegal in California to put E-waste into the garbage since 2006.
Free E-waste recycling options:

  1. Collection drives for E-waste are held throughout the community as fundraisers for many local non-profit organizations.  Watch for announcements in the local media or on our Events Calendar.
  2. Curbside bulky item collection accepts E-waste.  Contact your hauler for details.
  3. Drop-off E-waste at any of SVR’s Facilities.

For more information on how electronic waste is properly processed and recycled visit Onsite Electronics Recycling.