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Different Site Introductions


Sustainability Fair

Talking Trashcan ESP

Talking Trashcan ENG

Baby Shark Recycles

Salinas Community Gardens

Sun Street Transfer Station Time Lapse

MobileCollection SVR Mobile 15 1

The Garbage Must Go Somewhere

Salinas Valley Recycles-You have a say!

Regulatory Scoping Meeting for Long Term Facility Needs Study 5/2/17

SVR RecycleDinosaurs Espanol 2017

SVR RecycleDinosaurs 2017

Happy Earth Day from the Salinas Valley Recycles

Salinas Valley Recycles-The First of Many

Salinas Valley Recycles Comercial Superheroes Ambientalistas

Salinas Valley Recycles Environmental Superhero Commercial

Johnson Canyon Landfill Open Sundays-Spanish

Johnson Canyon Landfill Open Sundays

Green HHW Espanol - Household Hazardous Waste

Green HHW - Recycle Household Hazardous Waste

SVR Recycle Dinosaurs Spanish

SVR Recycle Dinosaurs2

Rates Public Hearing for SVSWA

Salinas Valley School Recycling Video

HHW - Salinas Valley Recycles

Spanish - Business Recycle Video

English - Business Recycle Video

New Green in the Salinas Valley Spanish

New Green in the Salinas Valley