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Earth Day

Composting Challenge

Learn how you can make a difference for your community, planet and improve your garden by Composting at Home.

Its Easy and Fun!

Start your composting journey now!

Take the Compost Challenge to Earn a Free* Home Compost Bin

* Free Compost Bins are available while supplies last to residents of Salinas Valley Recycles Service Area. Limited to 1 per household.

Limited time Challenge

April 22 – May 7

Or until Supplies Last


Available to new challenge participants only

One per household 

Getting Started is as Easy as 1, 2, 3!

Watch Both Composting Videos: Backyard & Vermicomposting

Take the Quiz and Sign the Compost Pledge

Pick up your New Compost Bin at Salinas Valley Recycles

1) Watch Both Videos

Backyard Composting

Watch and learn how to easily compost yard clippings and kitchen scraps!





Vermicomposting - Worm Composting

Learn the basics of vermicomposting and how easy it is for worms to eat your food scraps! 





2) Take the Quiz and Pledge To Compost at Home

Quiz will be open April 22 - May 7 to earn a free compost bin.

3) Pick up your new Home Compost Bin!