Resolve To Be Resourceful

Piano fountainIf you’re feeling tapped from last year’s spending, start the new year by resolving to be more resourceful. Being resourceful means enjoying the full benefits of your resources. It’s a form of self-reliance that empowers us to improve our quality of life by saving time and money, while supporting a circular economy. Follow these tips to be more resourceful.

Reduce –

Simplify your life with fewer things. Organize and pare down clutter; donate things you no longer need; plan meals using food you have; and be thoughtful about new products you purchase. Practicing these routines reduces stress with less stuff to buy, look after, clean up and, eventually throw out; allowing you more time to do things you enjoy.

Reuse –

Buy used, if new doesn’t matter. Rent when you need something you won’t use often. Consider how things like empty containers can be reused for planters, gift packages, to-go containers and storage bins. Reduce the number of disposables you use by investing in durable, reusable items, like zero-waste lunch kits, cloth napkins, and metal or glass water bottles and coffee mugs.  Life is cleaner and simpler with less trash.

Repair –

We’ve all purchased products of lesser quality to save a buck, but investing in quality items can add up to real savings in the long run. When something wears out or breaks, try restoring or fixing it. The effort to extend the life of a good product is worth the time and money you’ll save in replacement and disposal, especially for items like furniture and appliances. If you don’t have the resources or ability to do it yourself, look for fix-it clinics or trade repair skills with your neighbors, or have it professionally repaired.

Recycle –

When products are beyond repair, recycle valuable resources like metal, glass, paper, cardboard and plastic. Salinas Valley Recycles accepts these materials for free, as well as electronics, mattresses and non-Freon appliances. We also accept and recycle clean wood and green waste and C&D debris for a reduced rate. Close the loop by purchasing products made from recycled materials.

Rot –

Composting is a natural way to recycle food scraps and garden trimmings to create a product that returns rich nutrients back to the earth and provides nourishment for your yard and garden plants. Learn how to compost for free at Salinas Valley Recycles’ composting workshops. We’ll teach you the basics of how to start and maintain a compost system, while nature does the rest! Visit to register.

By committing to one act of resourcefulness in your daily routine, or participating in each category, you’ll maximize your assets, while helping achieve a future without landfills.

  Jenny Mitchell | Recycling Coordinator

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