Bulky Items

Couch, Mattress, RefrigeratorDo you need to get rid of large items such as furniture, bed frames, appliances, TV’s etc.? These materials and many more are not collected through your curbside or apartment recycling program, but they can still be recycled or even donated for reuse! If any of these items are in good, reusable condition, please consider donation to a local reuse business or charitable organization. Checkout the Reuse Guide or Recycling Resources, Beyond the Curb for a list locations and items.

To dispose of bulky items you have several options:

  1. Schedule a free on-call pick-up (single family homes only): Contact your hauler for acceptable items, set-out rules and/or other requirements. Limits apply.
  2. Cleanup Events: Contact your hauler for dates, acceptable materials and drop-off rules.
  3. Self-haul: You can drop off bulky items at any of SVR’s facilities. Check the fee schedule to see what items are accepted for free.

Annual Cleanup Events

Residents in the Salinas Valley can also take advantage of free, annual cleanup and recycling events. Look for announcements in the newspaper or mail. For specific dates, times, locations in your area click here.