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Recycling Guide

The Salinas Valley is a fabulous place to live, work and play so keeping our air, water and soil clean, and protecting the health of the environment means protecting our own well-being and that of our families. The 3R’s – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle – are easy ways for everybody to do their part in caring for the environment, keeping our community clean, and even helping to fight climate change!

Waste reduction is the law!

In 1989 the California State Legislature passed Assembly Bill (AB) 939 which mandated all California cities and counties to reduce the amount of waste sent to the landfills by 50% by the year 2000, and maintain that amount thereafter. In December 2006 Salinas Valley Recycle’s Board of Directors increased this goal to 75% by 2015 for the cities in our jurisdiction. As of 2013, the Salinas Valley has a regional diversion rate of 72%!

Help us reach and surpass this goal by separating recyclable items from the trash. Whether you recycle at home using your curbside recycling cart, drop-off at the Sun St Transfer Station, or take your recyclables to a buy-back center, the difference you make is REAL! Find out how easy it is to recycle at home.

For additional information visit “Cool California” or “Go Green at Home! For kids & adults