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RecycleStart from the Very Beginning…


Taking the first step in eliminating wastefulness in the workplace starts long before you get to the recycling bin. Reduction means cutting down the amount of products you purchase or waste that you create in your daily business. Early prevention can mean a great deal less work and cost than dealing with your waste later in the game.


It may seem more convenient to rely on disposable items to run your business, but using products that you can use again can save you time and energy. A little extra initial cost can pay large dividends over the long haul.

Remember, even if you do not have the ability to reuse an item or material that does not mean that it is useless. Businesses have found viable markets for their used supplies, or discovered charitable options for goods that they no longer need.

Evaluate your purchasing and production. What items create the biggest source of waste in your workplace? You might be surprised at the impact you can have by switching to reusable transportation containers or by purchasing goods in bulk.

The SVSWA can help you learn about how to reduce and reuse your waste, contact us for a customized waste assessment to learn new ideas about preventing waste. Until then, check out our general tips to reduce and reuse.