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“You have to make it easy and convenient. Most people want to do the right thing and support recycling. Our employees pitch in and even initiate new programs.”
Deirdre Lemp, HSBC Community Relations Manager During Waste Assessment


“Of course we are happy to see our costs go down, such as our garbage bills. But more importantly, we are attracting new customers who care about the environment. We offer high quality service at competitive prices. Add to that the fact that we’re green and it’s an easy choice for our clients.”
Tom Martella, Martella Printing


“Our staff, as well as the tenants at this community, enjoy doing the right thing, and it has brought people together…Prospective tenants love the fact that we recycle. It might as well be the reason someone chooses to live here rather than somewhere else.”
Wendy Duran, Property Manager, Northridge Park Apartments

The Bottom Line

“We do something good and save money.”
Norma Boudreault, Norma’s Restaurant